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The Zimmer Family 

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Zimmer is a German surname meaning "room" or "chamber". Derivative names include Zimmermann 

(Zimmerman), the occupational surname meaning carpenter, literally translated "room man" (i.e. someone who builds wooden structures to be lived in).

Peter B. Zimmer 

Born 15 Sep 1804 Schoharie County NY

Died 15 Jun 1904 Newark Valley NY

Peter B. Zimmer (using the B to distinguish him from other Peter Zimmer's) was born in Schoharie County, NY, September 15, 1804. He married Lucinda Schoolcraft, and together they migrated on foot to Newark Valley, NY.

Peter B. and Lucinda had nine children: Catherine "Kate", 1831; Nathaniel, 1835-1907; Emily, 1838; Ransom J., February 14, 1840-1933; Mary, 1841-1916, ; Eva A., May 15, 1842-January 6, 1900 ; Anthony M., 1844-April 1, 1915; Marion, 1846-1849; and Manier, 1849-1927.

This photograph showing Peter B. at nearly 100 years old, is the property of Donald P.G Zimmer (1939-2017) a great grandson of Peter B., of Newark Valley, Tioga County, NY.  The photo is now in the possession of Don's widow Mary Haner-Zimmer Peter B. died June 15, 1904.

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Peter B. Zimmer Obituary


Peter B. Zimmer, for many years the oldest resident of this town, died about eight o'clock Wednesday evening, at the home of his son, R.J. Zimmer. The funeral is being held at the home this afternoon.
The record of the family was lost a number of years ago and there has been a dispute between the sons and daughter over one year; some claiming the father was nearly 101 years of age while others said his age was a little less than 100. According to the generally accepted record, MR. Zimmer was born in Schoharie county Sept. 15, 1804, thus, at the time of his death, he lacked exactly three months of being 100 years of age.
Soon after his marriage, Mr. Zimmer, with his wife, came to this town. (He was married in 1825.HO) When they reached here, they had $1.75 in cash and all his earthly possessions he could carry on his back. He settled first on the farm where Jerome Saddlemire now lives and cleared some land there, but soon after the magnificent pine timber on the highest land between this valley and Maine attracted his attention and he bought that place of forest and moved there. The pine timber he wanted for making shingles and for years he worked at shingle making, the shingles being drawn with teams to Ithaca and shipped from there by way of the lakes and Erie canal. He was an expert shingle maker and from one large chip taken from the butt could always tell a good "shingle tree". He was a great worker, clearing his farm of 140 acres and then adding to it until at one time he owned nearly 300 acres.
In common with others who came from Schoharie county and settled the eastern part of this town, he suffered the usual privations of the early pioneers, while carving from the forest fine farms for themselves and their families. His wife died 18 years ago, after they had lived together for sixty years, but he continued to live on the homestead farm, much of the time alone. During the past year, however, he has consented to live with his sons, but his health as been remarkable for one of his age. For some weeks past he has suffered from a bladder trouble, but until five o'clock Tuesday afternoon he was able to sit up and his mind was apparently as clear as ever. At that time he was suffering considerable pain and concluded to lie down. A few minutes later, after being out of the room only a moment, his son found him unconscious and he remained so until his death, which occurred at 8 o'clock the next evening.
Mr. Zimmer is survived by four sons and two daughters--Ransom J., Anthony M, Manier and Mrs. Catherine Zimmer of this town, Nathaniel of Maine, and Mrs. Miriam Taylor, now of Owego--also by 18 grand-children and 14 great-grand-children.

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