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Town & Village Historian
Virginia Mullen
109 Whig Street
Newark Valley, NY 13811

Town & Village Contacts 

Newark Valley Historical Society

Village of Newark Valley 

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Town & Village
coordinated by
Tracey Zimmer-Taylor RNC-OB, CDDONA

Hi and welcome to Newark Valley! I grew up in this charming small town in upstate New York. Take a look around & if you have questions or have research you would like to contribute to this page let me know.  Thanks for stopping by. 
Tracey Zimmer-Taylor



Follow the links to discover the final resting place of your ancestors.


East Newark




Old Stagecoach Road

Pleasant Valley

Saint John's


West Newark


Did you know that 
Newark Valley was named after the city of Newark, New Jersey? 

Tappan Spaulding Memorial Library

Tappan-Spaulding Memorial Library.jpg

Post Office

Post Office.jpg
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