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Are you interested in volunteering to coordinate a township page? Maybe you have stories or photos you would like to share.  Or for questions, comments or problems viewing this page, contact us at

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Ernest Nolan Miles

November 26, 1931 – August 10, 2020 


The History


The Mission


 The Future

The USGenWeb project was created in 1996 to provide free genealogy information and access to the public on an international, national and local level. The original Tioga County site was created and cared for by Mr. Ernie Miles.  Sadly, Mr. Miles passed away in August of 2020, leaving the Tioga County site orphaned.  Follow the link to see Mr. Miles' original work and a tribute to his contributions to the project. 

It is the goal of this project to gather as many available photos, documents, records and  as much information as possible to provide a free, well organized, centralized data center for people researching their Tioga County family history.  A project of this size needs a huge amount of help to maximize its potential!  Everyone with an interest in Tioga County is encouraged to lend their talents to the mission and pay it forward.    

It is the hope that this site will develop into a standard that other county sites will look to for inspiration.  Each village in the county will have its own site dedicated to its people and history on the local level, and will need a coordinator to maintain its content and ensure the project continues growing and evolving.  If you are interested in becoming a township coordinator, contact us =) 

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NV Shot From Smullen Ave.jpg

Taken from Smullen Hill in Newark Valley, likely turn of the century. St. John's Catholic Church is in the forground. 



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